150cc Original Buggy Chassis Parts

This section has several subcategories with common parts diagrams from original owner's manuals.

All of the parts that we typically stock or have available on that diagram will be listed on that category's page. Some common hardware parts may appear in multiple categories.

For a more direct link to the correct product, click the diagram itself and you will be taken to a page with part numbers for reference and direct links to those products on our site.

150cc Buggy Frame & Body  150cc GY6 Steering Shaft Area  150cc GY6 Front Suspension Arm Area

150cc GY6 Seats, Belts  150cc GY6 Upper Rear Swing Arm  150cc GY6 Engine Muffler Air

150cc GY6 Rear Swing Arm  150cc GY6 Rear Axle Housing  150cc GY6 Wiring Harness / Electrical

150cc Brakes  Bearings, Gaskets, and Seals  150cc Cables

Bushings, Nuts, Bolts, Rubber

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