Joyner Dirt Devil 250cc - Electrical Assembly

Joyner Dirt Devil 250cc - Electrical Assembly

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The parts numbers listed below are from the 2004 Joyner Dirt Devil 250cc parts manual. If it's a part that we regularly stock, there will be a link you can click to view that product on our site. For all other parts that do not have links, it may be possible for us to get that item from a distributor if you contact us.

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1 D250. 07.900 Turning signal, front 2
2 N6. 200 Nylon clamp, 6x200 8
3 D250.07.901 Headlight (35/25w) 2
4 D250.07.903 Tail lamp 2
5 D250.07.801 Harness, wiring 1
6 D250.07.802 Battery (12v, 9Ah) 1
7 D250.07.904 Turning signal, rear 2
8 D250.07.902 Switch box 1
9 D250.07.911 Function display 2 1
10 D250.07.906 Function display 1 1
11 D250.07.001 Panel 1
12 D250.07.908 Button, engine 1
13 D250.07.909 Ignition switch 1
14 D250.07.907 Speedometer 1
15 D250.07.905 Level switch 1
16 D250.10.917 Safety switch 1
17 D250.07.912 Relay, start 1
18 D250.07.913 Horn 1
19 D250.07.914 Flasher 1
20 D250.07.915 Rectifier, regulator 1
21 D250.10.916 Coil, IGN 1
22 D250.10.917 C.D.I 1
23 D250.10.009 Spring 1